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8 Steps to Setting Up a Google Business Profile

8 Steps to Setting Up a Google Business Profile

Imagine someone out there is hungry. All they can think about is eating. So they whip out their phone, go to Google, and search “quick places to eat near me”. As the results pull up, they see several different restaurants with high reviews.

Now imagine that your restaurant was the one listed in the results. Now you have a new customer! That’s the power of a Google Business Profile (GBP). 

GBP is an essential free tool for local businesses to manage their business on Google and show up in search results.

Why do I need it?

A Google Business Profile is great at helping people find you as they search for products or services like yours. Using this tool is the best way for local businesses to be seen on Google. 

Having a GBP creates awareness of your business in the eyes of your local consumers. It also shows you to be reputable and trustworthy. With it, you are in control of how your business is portrayed and able to manage the information about it.

You can direct people there to write positive reviews of your business.

How to Create a Google Business Profile

Step 1: Create a Google account for your business

The first step is to create a Google account for your business. If you already have an account for the business, that’s great!

Step 3: Add your business name

Search for your business name. If it does not pop up, you will click “add your business to Google”. If you get a message that someone else has already verified the business, you will have to request ownership of the business profile. 

If the name of your business is similar to one nearby, be sure that you do not select their business name.

Step 4: Choose your business category

Search for the category that best fits your business. This can affect how your business shows up on google, so be sure to be as accurate as you can. You will always be able to change this later if you need to.

Step 5: Add your location

Add your business address, if you have a location for your customers to visit. You will be able to either enter your address or position a marker on a map. 

If you don’t have a location for customers to visit, click “no”.

Step 6: Add your service area

If your business operates by bringing services to customers rather than them coming to you, you will want to add the cities that you serve. 

Make sure during the initial setup that you select your business as a service area business.

Step 7: Add your business contact information

You will want to include a phone number that potential customers can reach you at, as well as a website URL. If you don’t have a website, that is ok. You can still create and use a GBP.

Step 8: Verify your Google Business Profile account

You will be asked to verify your new Google Business Profile. You can choose to verify now or later. 

And there you have it! Your Business Profile! While 8 steps may seem like a lot, it will move more quickly than you imagine.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile

While these things are all optional, they will really help you stand out among your competitors. 

  • Add photos and/or videos
  • Add a description of your business
  • Add your business logo
  • Add business details
  • Start requesting and managing your google reviews
  • Make sure to update any information that changes over time